MALPAS is one of the world’s most rigorous and advanced software analysis and verification toolsets.

MALPAS employs static analysis techniques which analyse the behaviour of program code without executing it. You can perform a full analysis of program correctness including functional integrity, compliance with software specification and the detection of problems that only occur at run-time.

Key benefits

  • Improve the integrity of your systems
  • Demonstrate to regulatory bodies and customers that your programs are free of errors
  • Support software safety cases that require strong analytical evidence at a high integrity level
  • Create critical software more cost-effectively (i.e. delivered on time and within budget)
  • Formal proof of malware absence

Use of MALPAS MALPAS has been applied to safety critical software programs in a range of industries. These include:

  • The Temelin Nuclear Power Station - Primary & Diverse Reactor Protection Systems
  • The Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station - Primary Protection System
  • Lockheed Martin C130J (various safety critical LRUs)
  • The BAE Systems Tornado Auto Wing Sweep System
  • The Merlin Helicopter Stores Management System
  • The Astra Hawk Fly-by-Wire Control System
  • The Dungeness B Single Channel Trip System
  • An Airborne Collision Avoidance System
  • The Australian Railway Signalling System
  • A Gas Distribution Network Control System
  • Secure Software for Government and Armed Services Communications

The MALPAS toolset is available to purchase under an annual support agreement. However for many clients, Atkins performs the MALPAS analysis as an independent V&V service. Click here for details.

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Sizewell B nuclear power station

MALPAS is still being used to verify the primary protection system at the Sizewell B nuclear power station.